Little Cloud Gyps 24m2Basicly new condition, only 6 hours. Blue colour 24m2...
2.800,00 €
Advance Axess 3air Harness w/ Ion 3 XS wing$3200 OBO (NOT EURO). Almost new (2 flights) Ion 3 XS wing w/ Advance Axess 3air harness....
Colorado, USA
3.200,00 $
bi skin
Niviuk Bi Skin 2 PSell new Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P (only 15 Flights)....
2,85 €
PARAJET VOLUTION MACROMy Parajet Volution Macro paramotor. Engine: It has a ParaJet manufactured 180 XT (180cc) engine which is very powerful with 68kg of thrust. A very clean and totally reliable machi...
1.000,00 $
Charly-Insider 1
Integral Helmet: Charly Insider (Size: M)I am selling my Charly Insider helmet, because I prefer more compact helmets for Hike&Fly experiences. The helmet is in a very good condition. There was no accident, but it has som...
90,00 €
Complete SetupOzone Mojo 4 wing, Ozone Oxygen 2 Harness, Helmet with Push-To-Talk, Ozone backpack, reserve, Yaesu radio. Everything you need to paraglide. I don't have the time any longer and...
Oregon, USA
3.000,00 $
Epsilon 6 (26) GliderSelling a beloved Epsilon 6 (26) in steel blue and gold, which was purchased new in 2010. I'd keep it, but I travel full-time and have replaced it with lightweight gear that's bett...
California, USA
1.100,00 $
goose Mk3
Goose Mk3 23Little Cloud Goose MK3 23, 75/100 kg, comme neuf, 10 heures de vol...
1.500,00 €
Advance Axess Air 3 (L), incl Charly 118 reserveI'm selling my harness Advance Axess Air 3, like NEW. Size L (175-202cm), date of manufacture: 2015. It already includes an appropriate reserve: Charly SC 118. date of manufact...
790,00 €
Niviuk Peak 3 (1)
Niviuk Peak 3FOR SALE: Niviuk Peak 3 25, 2014, 90-110 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN D/Solo PG, Condition: Good - 180 hours, Colors: Orange, Location: Kraljevo - Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Bough...
600,00 €
Axis Vega 5 (1)
Axis Vega 5FOR SALE: Axis Vega 5 S, 2017, 65-90 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 90 hours, Colors: Gree/blue/white, Location: Aszod - Hungary [ HU ] Reason...
1.800,00 €
Advance impress 3
Advance Impress 3 M Green - 300 USDPerfect state, flown a couple of hrs only....
California, USA
300,00 $
Pro Design Jalpa 75 (75-95kg)I'm selling the perfect wing for dunes and other soaring playgrounds. The wing is technically in good condition. The canopy still has good porosity and a new check from paraclinic....
300,00 €
Airdesign Susi 2 20 Superlight (60-100kg)I'm selling my Airdesign Susi 2 20 Superlight, because I'm not able to fly it very often. The wing is like new and has been used for about 20 hike&fly's only (only gras takeoffs)....
1.490,00 €
Gin Windy Flying SuitGröße S; schwarz, dunkelgrau,rot; super isolierend gegen Wind und Kälte in der Höhe; Stylisch und plustert sich nicht so auf wie die anderen; Neupreis EUR 270 Also available as...
100,00 €
Supair Evo XCalso available in a complete set (See images) Größe S; BJ 2005; Schaumprotektor; Mit Sitzbrett für effektivere Gewichtsverlagerung; spezieller Gin-Beschleuniger - abgesetzt für l...
280,00 €
Niviuk Hook 3 23 rubyKaum geflogener Schirm, absolut neuwertig - siehe Bilder! Insgesamt nur 12 Flugstunden - zumeist nur kurze Abgleiter vom Hausberg. Super Kompromiss aus Gutmütigkeit, Leistung und v...
1.400,00 €
Advance Sigma 10-27As new Sigma 10 (size 27) $3200 USD. Only 30 hours total time still looks new and looked after by very experienced, meticulous and OCD pilot! No damage, SIV or acro. This is an inc...
Idaho, USA
2.700,00 €
Nova Ra (4)
Nova RaFOR SALE: Nova Ra M, 2008, 90-112 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping DHV 2/EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Good - 100 hours, Colors: White/yellow/blue, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Cleari...
300,00 €
Vonblon Papillon (7)
Vonblon PapillonFOR SALE: Vonblon Papillon L, 4-2012, 90-140 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Reserve/Solo PG, Condition: Very Good, Colors: White, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Bought new one....
400,00 €