boom s
Gin Glider Boomerang 11 MVerkaufe Gleitschirm Gin Glider Boomerang 11 M Tiger 50 STD Neuer Trimm von paraclinic 95-112kg (keine Rücknahme)...
2.400,00 €
Axis Vega 5 (1)
Axis Vega 5FOR SALE: Axis Vega 5 size: M, manufactured: February 2018, weight range: 80-105 kg Shipping: Plus shipping EN C, fantastic intermediate wing. Condition: Mint - 16 hours,...
2.200,00 €
Sky Paragliders Anakis 3 M, 9-2016, 70-95 kgSelling , because i'm moving to next EN level. I'm the only owner and bought it new. Very light, safe and easy to handle wing. Used for approximately 55h of flight. Never be...
900,00 €
Nova Ion 2 (1)
Nova Ion 4FOR SALE: Nova Ion 4 L, 2016, 100-130 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN B/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 75 hours, Colors: Blue/yellow/white, Location: Petrovce - Slovenia [ SI ]...
1.500,00 €
nova primax 2008Good, plesure wing for beginners and leisure pilot. In good conditions, with valid check....
300,00 €
Flow XC Racer (1)
Flow XC RacerFOR SALE: Flow XC Racer L, 2018, 105-125 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Competition/EN D/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 10 hours, Colors: Red/white, Location: Portugal [ PT ] Reason:...
2.800,00 €
UP K2²
Selling UP K2 2Used conditions with new check. A save Tandemwing, When you are interested call me +4367761716883 or write me on e-mail:
900,00 €
AirVuisa Mosquito Board Standard (2)
AirVuisa Mosquito Board StandardFOR SALE: AirVuisa Mosquito Standard Board Reversible STANDARD, 2017, 60-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 4 hours, Colors: Black/green, Location:...
350,00 €
Gin Genie 4 (1)
Gin Genie 4FOR SALE: Gin Genie 4 M, 2014, 70-100 kg, Plus shipping Harness/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 30 hours, Colors: Black/yellow, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Buying a new one...
350,00 €
Independence Race (1)
Independence RacingFOR SALE: Independence Racing M, 9-2006, 60-90 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 3 hours, Colors: Black, Location: Budapest - Hungary [ HU ] Reason...
300,00 €
Harness(es) and tandem reserve (8)
Ava Sport Pilot NG (Tandem harness)FOR SALE: Tandem Pilot Harness Ava Sport Twin NG ...shipping is extra. 30 hours. L size, harness is made to easily fit small and big persons. Specially designed and customize...
350,00 $
Ozone Mantra M6FOR SALE: Ozone Mantra M6 size: ML, production date: June 2014, range: 90-105 kg Shipping: comes extra. EN D class wing, condition: good - 150 hours, colors: Purple/white...
1.200,00 €
Airwave Sport 4 SmallUsed Airwave Sport 4 Small...
California, USA
600,00 $
For Sale Flow XCRacerParapendio nuovo, vendo per errato acquisto taglia. Per me è grande. Ho già preso la taglia M Parapendio nuovo, vendo per dimensioni di acquisto errate. È fantastico per me....
2.600,00 €
BGD Epic enBfew flights, about 7 hours...
2.071,00 €
Woody Valley Bix Tandem Pilot Harness (1)
Woody Valley Tandem Pilot HranessFOR SALE: Woody Valley Bix (tandem Pilot) L, 7-2015, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Tandem, Condition: Mint - 5 hours, Colors: Gray/green, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Item...
400,00 €
Woody Valley Passinger (1)
Woody Valley PassangerFOR SALE: Woody Valley Passinger L, 8-2015, 60-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Tandem, Condition: Mint - 5 hours, Colors: Gray/green, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: It...
400,00 €
UP K2 3 (1)
Tandem UP K2 3FOR SALE: UP K2 3 ML, 10-2014, 140-230 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN B/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 5 hours, Colors: Red/white/orange, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: No time fo...
2.000,00 €
letöltés (4)
Sky Flux SMade 2017, it has little to do because I do not have time. With excellent condition. manufacturer’s site: I hope some...
2.100,00 €
Niviuk F Gravity 2Selling 2014 Niviuk F-Gravity 2 20m freestyle wing. No Siv no water, no defects. In excellent shape and ready to fly!...
United Kingdom
800,00 €