BGD Dual Tandem BGD Dual Tandem glider. Excellent glider. Fantastic performance in both free flight and powered. This is the paramotor DGAC version. Impeccable take off and landing characteristics...
Wisconsin, USA
2.780,00 $
Priced to Sell - Reserve CHUTE Practically NewNever deployed. Brand spanking new. Sat in my harness for 25 hours of training/flying. Excellent reserve. It came highly recommended to me by long term pilots. From website - Th...
Massachusetts, USA
600,00 $
Discount PG Harness - Low Hours!Super comfortable and convenient harness. Practically new. 25 hours. I trained P0 to P2 in this harness and enjoyed the ease of use, and comfort flying in it. Highly recommend!...
Massachusetts, USA
550,00 $
Low Price Beginner Paraglider For Sale - Low HoursAmazing wing in excellent condition! I moved from Hang-Gliding to Paragliding and used this wing for my P0 to P2 training. It made me feel comfortable and safe. A treat to fly....
Massachusetts, USA
1.200,00 $
Advance Epsilon5 28Selling my good old Epsilon5. It was my first wing after school. Did my xc flights with it. Few years after got XC wing so epsilon has been used only for accuracy landing practi...
250,00 €
Seeing very well esteemed wing, very careful with The wing is impeccable, I just did my first flight on the beach, all the rest were made in mountain, super well treasured, very careful with the rods, stowed in concertina bag....
1.450,00 €
ION 4Nearly brand New Wing from Nova. Great All-rounder at all. about 20 Flight`s Spezial Design Pinky... High performance, light and a master at turning: the ION 4 has a better glide...
1.590,00 €
Advance Epsilon8Selling my Advance epsilon 8 paraglider wing size 25. 70-100kg, red/blue/white. Excellent condition. Less than 15 hours flight time basically brand new....
United Kingdom
955,00 €
NEW Blackout Plus 18 from U-TurnBrand new. Wrong size for me....
2.100,00 €
niviuk roamer 2 with airbagSell this harness because of the wrong size, only tried on the simulator, never used. Airbag included...
500,00 €
Flymaster live SDFlymaster live sd in mint condition, with screen protector, used only 3 times, selling because it's too much for my needs....
650,00 €
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-24 at 20.24.02 (1)
Reserve Firebird Turbostop 100Bought 2016... Never trown, freshly repacked as sown in pictures......
500,00 €
Gin Atlas 1Beautiful Gin Atlas 1 ENB paragliding wing size S, less than 22 hours. It has never gotten wet, no SIV, no trees. It sounds like a new wing, concertina bag included....
United Kingdom
820,00 €
WhatsApp Image 2019-03-24 at 20.24.02 (1)
Nova Sector S PurplePackaged and sold like pictures....
2.750,00 €
2018 APCO Aviation Karisma2018 APCO Aviation "Karisma" DHV1 (A-glider). Color "Summer" Size S.Refer to APCO website for exact weight ranges when paramotor or free flight. Paramotor risers. Used for about 50...
Wisconsin, USA
2.140,00 $
Items for saleSome good bargains here for the start of the new season....... Please click on the link below to see photos of all the items listed. Should be obvious which is which: https:/...
United Kingdom
SWING Nyos RS (M)For sale because of end of gliding activity: Swing Nyos RS, bought on 26th April 2018, only six flight hours. Size M Colour: white / berry (limited edition) After landi...
2.700,00 €
GIN -Boost (L) DHV1 for saleThis wing has hardly been used (max 8-10 hours). But it has been kept in pristine condition, concertina packed in all original bags etc.There are no insect holes or other extraneou...
1.250,00 €
Skywalk Tonka 15 (56-105kg) Hikeandfly 30 hoursI selling this miniwing, as new, year 2014, has less than 30 hour, weight 3,3 kg, new warant of fitness to 1/2020....
New Zealand
1.000,00 $
KCBGD DIVA XS, 1-2018, 70-90 kg, Price:1299 EUR, Shipping: Plus Shippiing CCC/Open/Solo PG, Condition: Very Good - 45 hours, Colors: Green-Blue No SIV. Reason: too small for...
1.299,00 €