Charly Quick Out carabinersFOR SALE: Quick Out Carabiners Charly, 2015, Shipping: Plus shipping Other PG gear/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 30 hours, Colors: Black. Reason: Don't need it. Other item...
120,00 €
EXOS SKY PARAGLIDERSVery easy and safe, is like en B advanced, but more fast. Is like in the photo....
2.500,00 €
Tandem Parus For sale is a PARUS ICARO 41.5 in very good condition. New check. The glider will be used just since one year. Produktion Date 05 216. Around 70 Hours Flightime. More info about...
1.400,00 €
AirDesign Pure 3 LargeFor Sale Air Design Pure 3 Colour: White/Grey 95-120kg Flight 47 Hrs No marks, Damage, repairs, no SIV or ACRO Excellent Condition Selling due to work commitments over the...
1.540,00 €
AirDesign Pure 3For Sale Air Design Pure 3 Colour: White/Lime 80kg-95kg Flight time: 52 Hrs No marks, Damage, repairs, no SIV or ACRO Excellent Condition Selling due to work commitments ov...
1.400,00 €
Nova Factor (2)
Nova FactorFOR SALE: Nova Factor 25, 2008, 100-130 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping LTF 2/EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Good - 200 hours, Colors: Blue, Location: Kraljevo - Serbia [ RS ] Reason: St...
350,00 €
Nova Factor 2 (1)
Nova Factor 2FOR SALE: Nova Factor 2 S, 12-2011, 80-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 80 hours, Colors: Red/white, Location: Kraljevo - Serbia [ RS ] Reas...
700,00 €
Advance Sigma 8 (1)
Advance Sigma 8FOR SALE: Advance Sigma 8 29, 2011, 100-130 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Good - 232 hours, Colors: Blue. Reason: Stepping up to EN D. Other item info:...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
650,00 €
Ozone Buzz Z4Up for sale Ozone Buzz Z4 MS (75-95kg) lightly used paraglider. This glider is virtually new, was only used twice so far. Inner bag, rucksack and valid cheek included....
United Kingdom
1.000,00 €
Edel RS2 reserve in supair containerPulled Down Apex reserve (PDA) Size - 34m 16 panel descent rate 5m/s only used it once in SIV reserve packed and ready for deployment large sup air front container with sec...
Washinton, USA
200,00 $
Flymaster B1 nav varioUsed Flymaster B1 NAV vario for beginner to advanced paraglider or hang glider pilots customizable main screen with 2 presets to show what you want waypoints feature allows easy...
Washinton, USA
200,00 $
Airwave CobraFOR SALE: Airwave Cobra M, 2011, 80-105 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping LTF 2/EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 5 hours, Colors: Orange/blue/white. Reason: No time to fly. Other i...
700,00 €
BGD Dual tandem (1)
BGD Dual (tandem)FOR SALE: BGD Dual 40, 2015, 120-220 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN B/Tandem, Condition: Excellent - 80 hours, Colors: Yellow, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Need money for ne...
1.600,00 €
Axis Vega 5, 2017, 80-105 kg, Perfect conditionVery good condition. Used only for flights in mountains. No any SIV, winches, etc. Very kind low level En-C wing. Reason for change: overweight....
1.600,00 €
Kelly Farina's Mastering ParaglidingMy used copy of Kelly Farina's Mastering paragliding. Ready for its new home....
United Kingdom
5,00 €
Altus LR a
Nearly new Nova Altus harness - Free shipping EUAt only 3.5 kilograms the ALTUS is extraordinarily light, extremely comfortable and for its class, has a unique level of safety: under the seat is a ready for action Pre-inflated A...
420,00 €
Advance Sigma 10 (25)Like new, selling for a close friend of mine who downsized to Size 23. Exceptional EN-C glider, probably the best performing of the bunch with the best comfort and safety over them...
California, USA
3.600,00 $
Triple Seven Knight (MS)I am a dealer for Triple Seven and selling this demo wing since testing season is ending now due to lack of thermals at this time of year. Will get a new one next year. The wing ha...
2.550,00 €
UP Katenga XC (5)
UP_Katenga_XCFOR SALE: UP Katenga XC L, 5-2012, 100-125 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping LTF 1-2/EN B/Solo PG, Condition: Very Good - 150 hours, Colors: Orange/white, Location: Kraljevo - Serbia [...
650,00 €
Ozone ozium M/MThe harness is very comfortable, no seat plate, is hammock tipe, no pressure on the body. Size is m with m pod, i have 182cm and is not on the max setting, can be stretched and sh...
400,00 €