Ozone Delta (6)
Ozone_DeltaFOR SALE: Ozone Delta L, 2011, 95-115 kg,Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 70 hours, Colors: Red/white/blue. Reason: Bought new wing. Other item i...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
550,00 €
Light weight rucksack Air Vuisa (1)
Air Vuisa rucksackFOR SALE: Air Vuisa Rucksack 100 L, 9-2017, 5-30 kg,Shipping: Plus shipping Other PG gear/Solo PG, Condition: Unused - 0 hours, Colors: Purple, Location: Italy [ IT ] Reason: B...
105,00 €
ITV Pil Pit 2+harnessFOR SALE: ITV Pil Pit 2 13, 2013, 50-120 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Other PG gear/Speedflying, Condition: Mint - 1 hours, Colors: Blue/yellow, Location: Innsbruck - Austria [ AT...
900,00 €
Ozone Zeno (9)
Ozone ZenoFOR SALE: Ozone Zeno L, 2017, 105-125 kg, EN D/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 33 hours, Colors: Blue/white. Reason: Stepping up to CCC. Other item info: Glider bought this seas...
3.100,00 €
Ozone Buzz Z4 (MS)Ozone Buzz Z4 Medium-Small. 30 flight hours. Always stored in a cool dry room when not in use. Small tear in top front edge, was repaired with Ozone repair kit (15+ flight hours si...
Arizona, USA
2.500,00 $
Fymaster Nav SDFlymaster Nav SD. Like New! Only used for 30 flight hours. Always stored in provided case. Charging/computer cord and original box provided. Buyer pays shipping (will be estima...
Arizona, USA
400,00 $
Yaesu FT-60RE RadioYaesu FT-60RE Radio. Used for 30 flight hours, like new!!! Comes with original box and manual. Buyer pays shipping (will be estimated once location is known)...
Arizona, USA
125,00 $
Ozone Angel 140Ozone Angel 140. Has flown with me for 30 hours, never opened, and 1 repack about a year ago. Like new condition. Always stored in a cool dry room when not in use! Buyer pa...
Arizona, USA
400,00 $
Ozone Mojo 4 L 95-115kg for 730,-€!Very good condition... Also i have harness and reserve for sale...
730,00 €
New Gin Bolero 6 XSGlider was brand new, used this glider for a total of 7 flights only during the first week of September. Switched to a smaller hike and fly glider. Perfect beginner glider. No d...
1.200,00 €
AirDesign Volt2Selling a 2015 AirDesign Volt 2 EN-C glider. Size M. Love it , but mostly fly the trike these days. No time for free flight. Glider comes with original documents, speed bar, back p...
Wisconsin, USA
1.800,00 $
Competino (3)
Brauniger CompetinoFOR SALE: Brauniger Competino, 2010,Shipping: Plus shipping Instrument/Solo PG, Condition: Good - 200 hours, Colors: Grey, Location: Kraljevo - Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Bought Nav...
300,00 €
Simga 9 25 BronceSigma 9 with 210 flights. Check result from may this year: Used,good condition. Color Bronce...
900,00 €
UP Ascent (3)
UPFOR SALE: UP Ascent XL, 2010, 120-140 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping DHV 1/EN A/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 1 hours, Colors: Blue/orange/grey, Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina [ BA ]...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
800,00 €
Reserve Team 5 OrangeFOR SALE: Team 5 Orange L, 6-2010, 100-148 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Reserve/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 1 hours, Colors: White, Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina [ BA ] Reason...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
260,00 €
Lindsay Ruddock LR3Iconic alti-vario and still the only one whose sound makes any sense. Excellent condition with case. The case has a stop watch housing - the stop watch is broken....
United Kingdom
150,00 £
Old Canopy for saleUsed Ailes de K Cristal. Still bright and crisp. Complete with Sup Air superlight harness (nearly new) and reserve. Needs full line and porosity check - easy to handle suitable to...
United Kingdom
250,00 €
Two old wings and harnesses for saleVery old but hardly used and stored well. Colours bright and crisp with only minor dirt marks. With standard Advance harness and biners - excellent condition. New photos available...
United Kingdom
100,00 £
UP Ascent XS 2011For sale UP ascent 2 XS, like new, perfect condition, 50 hours of flying. No SIV, trees, sand , no water, no damages, no repaires. Suitable for beginner, nice comfort flying. For...
Czech Republic
960,00 €