FOR SALE: Skywalk Cayenne5 S, 7-2016, 85-105 kgFOR SALE: Skywalk Cayenne5 S, 7-2016, 85-105 kg, Price: 2000 USD, Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 15 hours, Colors: Green, Skywalk Cayenne5 Like New in gr...
Massachusetts, USA
2.000,00 $
s-l1600 (2)
Ozone Rush 4 Wing L 95-115kgThe wing includes a concertina and riser bag. Overall, the wing is in excellent condition, no tears, no rusting. Practically New glider....
United Kingdom
770,00 €
Nova Triton 2- -AALTD
Nova Triton 2Paragliding wing Nova Triton 2 – M size. Fantastic glider, 19hrs- 2015 model. Very crispy condition. No repairs or patches etc....
United Kingdom
750,00 €
s-l1600 (1)
Swing Sensis LSelling Swing Sensis wing – L 100-125kg. Very good wing - Like NEW. The wing is SUPER crispy. Lines and fabric are in great condition. Very few flying hours."...
United Kingdom
700,00 €
Complete Kit Wing + Harness ++Paratech P26 M with Woody Valley Voyager Plus Harness, Ascent H2 Variometer, undeployed reserve. Please contact me with any questions, and see the youtube video for a complete walk...
South Carolina, USA
32.000,00 €
Peak 4 21Niviuk Peak 4 size 21, 70/90 kg, 110 hours flight, good condition, checked and trimed, all flights in thermal conditions, no damages, no repairs....
1.000,00 €
Niviuk Hook 4 21mabout 80 hours, some xc, and mostly mountain flying. Great condition, just moving up to a little higher ENB....
Washinton, USA
1.150,00 $
Niviuk Hook 2005Hi there all, I’ve had this wing since 2010, its been great, though just flown once/twice for year for a while now. Wing 8/10, has a small repair, I’ve included a photo of the sma...
750,00 €
Woody Valley GTO X-Alps harness weight: 5,5kg; with Frontbag and FrontContainer It is a ICARO Energie XC the same design as Woody Valley GTO X-Alps and swing-connect-race https://paragliding.de/swing...
620,00 €
Little Cloud Gyps 24m2Basicly new condition, only 6 hours. Blue colour 24m2...
2.600,00 €
Axis Vega 5 (1)
Axis Vega 5FOR SALE: Axis Vega 5 S, 2017, 65-90 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 90 hours, Colors: Gree/blue/white, Location: Aszod - Hungary [ HU ] Reason...
1.800,00 €
Advance impress 3
Advance Impress 3 M Green - 300 USDPerfect state, flown a couple of hrs only....
California, USA
300,00 $
Pro Design Jalpa 75 (75-95kg)I'm selling the perfect wing for dunes and other soaring playgrounds. The wing is technically in good condition. The canopy still has good porosity and a new check from paraclinic....
300,00 €
Airdesign Susi 2 20 Superlight (60-100kg)I'm selling my Airdesign Susi 2 20 Superlight, because I'm not able to fly it very often. The wing is like new and has been used for about 20 hike&fly's only (only gras takeoffs)....
1.490,00 €
Gin Windy Flying SuitGröße S; schwarz, dunkelgrau,rot; super isolierend gegen Wind und Kälte in der Höhe; Stylisch und plustert sich nicht so auf wie die anderen; Neupreis EUR 270 Also available as...
80,00 €
Supair Evo XCalso available in a complete set (See images) Größe S; BJ 2005; Schaumprotektor; Mit Sitzbrett für effektivere Gewichtsverlagerung; spezieller Gin-Beschleuniger - abgesetzt für l...
280,00 €
Niviuk Hook 3 23 rubyKaum geflogener Schirm, absolut neuwertig - siehe Bilder! Insgesamt nur 12 Flugstunden - zumeist nur kurze Abgleiter vom Hausberg. Super Kompromiss aus Gutmütigkeit, Leistung und v...
1.300,00 €
Vonblon Papillon (7)
Vonblon PapillonFOR SALE: Vonblon Papillon L, 4-2012, 90-140 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Reserve/Solo PG, Condition: Very Good, Colors: White, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Bought new one....
400,00 €
Advance Alpha 6 (6)
Advance Alpha 6FOR SALE: Advance Alpha 6 26, 11-2015, 70-95 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping DHV 1/EN A/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 72 hours, Colors: Orange/white/blue. Reason: Stepping up to...
1.500,00 €
IOTAI sell for new model Iota 2 purchase https://www.xcontest.org/italia/piloti/dettaglio:Flynonno...
800,00 €