Forza Pod Brand NewI accidentally ordered two of these, so I am selling one!...
Washinton, USA
1.500,00 $
Ava Sport TantoFOR SALE: Ava Sport Tanto M, 2010, 50-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Solo PG, Condition: Very Good - 100 hours, Colors: Black/red, Location: Kraljevo - Serbia [ RS ] R...
300,00 €
Wani Light LLike new, used less than 10 times, about 5 hours airtime. Figured I don't need it......
Bosnia and Herzegovina
630,00 €
kortel karver 2 harnesskortel karver 2 and sak 2 reversible removable airbag back-pack in one , with only less than 15 hours of flight ,comes with ozone speed bar ,asking 800$ obo ,free shipping within u...
California, USA
800,00 $
Sup'air Altirando 2Barely used Altirando2 Harness. Great Condition....
California, USA
650,00 $
Woody Valley Bix Tandem FlightLarge Woody Valley Bix tandem harness, older model. Really good condition....
California, USA
650,00 $
650,00 €
I sell a lightweight cross-country harnesLike new I change it because it's not really my size....
600,00 €
WV XRated 4 (1)
Woody Valley X-Rated 4FOR SALE: Woody Valley X Rated 4 M, 2008, 50-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Solo PG, Condition: Very Good - 150 hours, Colors: Red/black, Location: Croatia [ HR ] Reas...
260,00 €
Woody Walley, Wani Light Size M / inkl. Turbo StopWani Light size M Inkl. Turbo Stop 100 Year 2012...
790,00 €
Tandem Pilot Ava SportFOR SALE: Tandem Pilot And Passinger Harness Ava Sport L, 2014, 50-120 kg, Price: 1 EUR, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Tandem, Condition: Very Good - 30 hours, Colors: Blue, Loc...
400,00 €
Woody Vally Xalps GTO Labsolut neuwertig nur 7 Monate alt, garantiert ohne jede Beschädigung oder Verschmutzung, wurde als Drittgurtzeug für 5-6 Streckenflüge genutzt...
970,00 €
Altus LR a
Nearly new Nova Altus harness - Free shipping EUAt only 3.5 kilograms the ALTUS is extraordinarily light, extremely comfortable and for its class, has a unique level of safety: under the seat is a ready for action Pre-inflated A...
420,00 €
Ozone Ozo (1)
Ozone_OzoFOR SALE: Ozone Ozo 100, 5-2017, 50-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Speedflying, Condition: Unused - 0 hours, Colors: Black. Reason: No time for speed riding. Other...
240,00 €
Near Birds Zippy (5)
Near_Birds_ZippyFOR SALE: Near Birds Zippy M, 2014, 50-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 5 hours, Colors: Black. Other item info: Used couple of flights,...
450,00 €
Advance Progress 2Gently Used Advance Progress 2. Flown for 30 flight hours. Small amount of scuffing on speed bar, but otherwise in great condition. Comes with reserve bag, compress stuff sac, and...
Arizona, USA
500,00 $
I have for sale acro harness in MINT conditionI have for sale acro harness in MINT condition (10 flights). The price includes carabiners, protectors, relax bar and reserve handle. I change it because stop training acro. Reg...
Macedonia (FYROM)
480,00 €
Gin Genie IIGenie II harness, not used much (less than 30 hours). Had an extra chest strap added professionally for a bit more security. Super easy harness to use, with only 2 buckles, only...
300,00 €
Ozone Atak (1)
Ozone AtakFOR SALE: Ozone Atak 100, 2016, 50-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Speedflying, Condition: Mint - 10 hours, Colors: Black, Location: Slovenia [ SI ] Reason: Buying a ne...
300,00 €
Matador Alpin L + Ultra Cross 100Selling only harness + reserve together. Great H&F pod harness kit with only 4,7kg. Found out that I have no ambitions for walking uphill, :-) Flown this season, 26 hours, see t...
1.250,00 €