Ozone Delta (6)
Ozone_DeltaFOR SALE: Ozone Delta L, 2011, 95-115 kg,Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 70 hours, Colors: Red/white/blue. Reason: Bought new wing. Other item i...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
550,00 €
ITV Pil Pit 2+harnessFOR SALE: ITV Pil Pit 2 13, 2013, 50-120 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Other PG gear/Speedflying, Condition: Mint - 1 hours, Colors: Blue/yellow, Location: Innsbruck - Austria [ AT...
900,00 €
Ozone Zeno (9)
Ozone ZenoFOR SALE: Ozone Zeno L, 2017, 105-125 kg, EN D/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 33 hours, Colors: Blue/white. Reason: Stepping up to CCC. Other item info: Glider bought this seas...
3.100,00 €
Ozone Buzz Z4 (MS)Ozone Buzz Z4 Medium-Small. 30 flight hours. Always stored in a cool dry room when not in use. Small tear in top front edge, was repaired with Ozone repair kit (15+ flight hours si...
Arizona, USA
2.500,00 $
Ozone Mojo 4 L 95-115kg for 730,-€!Very good condition... Also i have harness and reserve for sale...
730,00 €
New Gin Bolero 6 XSGlider was brand new, used this glider for a total of 7 flights only during the first week of September. Switched to a smaller hike and fly glider. Perfect beginner glider. No d...
1.200,00 €
AirDesign Volt2Selling a 2015 AirDesign Volt 2 EN-C glider. Size M. Love it , but mostly fly the trike these days. No time for free flight. Glider comes with original documents, speed bar, back p...
Wisconsin, USA
1.800,00 $
Simga 9 25 BronceSigma 9 with 210 flights. Check result from may this year: Used,good condition. Color Bronce...
900,00 €
UP Ascent (3)
UPFOR SALE: UP Ascent XL, 2010, 120-140 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping DHV 1/EN A/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 1 hours, Colors: Blue/orange/grey, Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina [ BA ]...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
800,00 €
Old Canopy for saleUsed Ailes de K Cristal. Still bright and crisp. Complete with Sup Air superlight harness (nearly new) and reserve. Needs full line and porosity check - easy to handle suitable to...
United Kingdom
250,00 €
Two old wings and harnesses for saleVery old but hardly used and stored well. Colours bright and crisp with only minor dirt marks. With standard Advance harness and biners - excellent condition. New photos available...
United Kingdom
100,00 £
UP Ascent XS 2011For sale UP ascent 2 XS, like new, perfect condition, 50 hours of flying. No SIV, trees, sand , no water, no damages, no repaires. Suitable for beginner, nice comfort flying. For...
Czech Republic
960,00 €
Full Equipment for saleDue to relocation and stopping to fly I offer my entire equipment for sale: APCO KARMA SP S-no-7, size Small , Colors: Green, Red, Yellow Harness: APCO RITMA, size L/XL (I'm 1.80...
1.500,00 €
Oznone Delta 2 MLvery nice Wing Ozone Delta 2 Size ML (85-105kg) 4 Years old, about 110 hours airtime with 135 L Backpack, Inner Bag, Glider Strap, Speed Bar, colours see pictures new check u...
1.150,00 €
Arcus 4 with 50 hoursThe glider I learned on. It's a great glider and the only reason I'm selling it is because I got given a newer Arcus for free. Has 50 UV hours, and because I had another glider...
500,00 €
Apco Force Sport mediumThis Crispy Apco Force SP size medium. Perfect Condition Less than 15 hours No ground handling No rips Or damage Only grass takes offs No sand no water no tree landings....
United Kingdom
900,00 €
BGD Wasp EN-B Glider, used 10 hours, $2,500 + HarnI'm selling my Bruce Goldsmith Designs Wasp glider. I am the second owner. I purchased it from my instructor in Tucson, Arizona, Flying Lizard Paragliding. When I purchased it in S...
California, USA
2,50 $
сережа 1
Advance Epsilon 6I sell on behalf of my friend. the wing is in good condition Price 700 euro+shipping...
700,00 €
Ozone Buzz Z4 XSThe wing was treated with care. No damages, no repairs. In excellent condition. I sell it because of moving to EN-C. Buzz Z4 is excellent for beginners or pilots who prefer stressl...
1.600,00 €