APCO Thrust VNew, flown only 2 times for total of 15 min for Demo purposes. Second out of order of 2. First one gone already. Good for free flights as well. Paramotor Risers. Size M. Price incl...
Ohio, USA
3.200,00 $
Niviuk Hook 4 21mabout 80 hours, some xc, and mostly mountain flying. Great condition, just moving up to a little higher ENB....
Washinton, USA
1,40 $
Mentor 5 XSAlmost new Mentor 5 light with around 20 flights and 5 hours airtime....
2.190,00 €
Nevada 2, size 26I sell my Nevada 2 glider because I change to an EN-C Glider. The glider has a new check and is rated almost new. The glider has a nice and direct handling and climbs very well. Pl...
1.700,00 €
777 Queen 2 MS 79-99kgExcelent condition. Checked and retrimmed 10h ago. Best glider in C class....
1.900,00 €
ASA TAYRAN - 4, 80 - 105KGWant to sell my ewesome paraglider ASA Tayran - 4 for freeflying or powerflying. Risers with trimmers. Certification based of manufacturer how EN -B. (After school wing) Year of...
550,00 €
£1230.00 INDEPENDENCE GRASSHOPPER 26 (10HRS)For sale is my independence grasshopper 26 wing. I only brought it from Mark Leavesley (Leavesley aviation) a few months back (new) and has been treated with the love and respect y...
United Kingdom
1.230,00 £
Niviuk Hook 2005Love this wing. Baby coming so it's gotta go. Wing 8/10, has a small repair, see photo. Lines 10/10. Includes harness (Sup'Air Altiplume XC) and flight suit, but no reserve....
1.500,00 €
Skywalk Chili4Beautiful Skywalk Chili 4 - Farbe: Petrol - Größe: S 85-105kg - Datum 09-06-2017 Schirm als neues No-Confidence-Training, Windenflüge oder Acro. Hat 18 Flüge für insgesamt 7 Stunde...
2.000,00 €
Skywalk Cayenne 3 S 70-105kg in excellent condSkywalk Cayenne 3S in exccelent condition with very few UV hours. Porosity result is about 400s. It is a very safe wing, Quite easy to handle....
590,00 €
Niviuk peak 4 -XPBLTD (1)
Niviuk Peak 4 wingFor Sale: Niviuk Peak 4 END paraglider size 23. This wing is in immaculate condition, 25 hours of flying XC only. Perfect condition. No patches, never seen sand or beach soaring....
United Kingdom
850,00 €
Little Cloud Gyps 24m2Basicly new condition, only 6 hours. Blue colour 24m2...
2.800,00 €
Advance Axess 3air Harness w/ Ion 3 XS wing$3200 OBO (NOT EURO). Almost new (2 flights) Ion 3 XS wing w/ Advance Axess 3air harness....
Colorado, USA
3.200,00 $
bi skin
Niviuk Bi Skin 2 PSell new Niviuk Bi Skin 2 P (only 15 Flights)....
2,85 €
Epsilon 6 (26) GliderSelling a beloved Epsilon 6 (26) in steel blue and gold, which was purchased new in 2010. I'd keep it, but I travel full-time and have replaced it with lightweight gear that's bett...
California, USA
800,00 $
Niviuk Peak 3 (1)
Niviuk Peak 3FOR SALE: Niviuk Peak 3 25, 2014, 90-110 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN D/Solo PG, Condition: Good - 180 hours, Colors: Orange, Location: Kraljevo - Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Bough...
600,00 €
Axis Vega 5 (1)
Axis Vega 5FOR SALE: Axis Vega 5 S, 2017, 65-90 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 90 hours, Colors: Gree/blue/white, Location: Aszod - Hungary [ HU ] Reason...
1.800,00 €
Pro Design Jalpa 75 (75-95kg)I'm selling the perfect wing for dunes and other soaring playgrounds. The wing is technically in good condition. The canopy still has good porosity and a new check from paraclinic....
300,00 €
Airdesign Susi 2 20 Superlight (60-100kg)I'm selling my Airdesign Susi 2 20 Superlight, because I'm not able to fly it very often. The wing is like new and has been used for about 20 hike&fly's only (only gras takeoffs)....
1.490,00 €
Niviuk Hook 3 23 rubyKaum geflogener Schirm, absolut neuwertig - siehe Bilder! Insgesamt nur 12 Flugstunden - zumeist nur kurze Abgleiter vom Hausberg. Super Kompromiss aus Gutmütigkeit, Leistung und v...
1.400,00 €