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UP K2 3 Tandem 41 meter NEWWing is crispy! Only flown twice. Like NEW. Have had it for months and don’t use it. Someone may as well have fun with it....
California, USA
3,000.00 €
Airwave Sport 4 SmallUsed Airwave Sport 4 Small...
California, USA
600,00 $
Ozone Ozium 2 (S)Ozone Ozium 2 (S) harness with (S) lycra pod fabric and optional "Full Mousse" protector foam. Selling for a friend. He changed his mind on this harness and bought another one inst...
California, USA
950,00 $
Epsilon 6 (26) GliderSelling a beloved Epsilon 6 (26) in steel blue and gold, which was purchased new in 2010. I'd keep it, but I travel full-time and have replaced it with lightweight gear that's bett...
California, USA
1.100,00 $
enzo3 c
Enzo3 90hs of use...only in competition... always nice take .offs..approximately 30 flights in total as it has an average of 3 hs per flight... not even 1 scratch ... always folded as fa...
California, USA
3.100,00 $
Icaro Aquila (20)Red/Gold, Like new, No SIV, No damage & never been wet. Icaro's dedicated freestyle wing. The agility, speed and dynamics of an acro wing and the thermal and handling abilities of...
California, USA
2.100,00 $
Gradient Avax XC5 (24)XC5 is a very comfort and safe wing to fly for an EN-D. It has a very good glide, precise handling at all speeds and has a really good climb even in light thermals. All these quali...
California, USA
1.975,00 $
UP Trango XC3This is the best glider I have ever owned, by far, super glide and speed. The 6.9 Flat Aspect Ratio, as an EN-C is unheard of, in this industry. Safe/High Performance/Speedster 57-...
California, USA
750,00 $