Gradient Golden 5, size 24Wing is from May 2018 and in excellent condition, around 26 hours. Always concertina packed, no SIV. In fleight weight 75-95. Size 24. Custom colour. Ideal wing to start with, bu...
1.950,00 €
Niviuk Peak 4 21Niviuk Peak 4, size 21, of 2018, very good condition, with check include. No damages, no repairs, no SIV, no water. Only thernal flights I can send more details and pictures...
1.400,00 €
Ozone Delta 3 SOzone Delta 3, S 65/85 kg, 10/2017, 90 hours flight, very good condition, no repairs, no damages, no SIV, no dune. Only thermal flights. Control and trim check include...
1.450,00 €
Advance Success 4 Medium As NewAdvance Success 4 harness is medium size. Color combination is blue/orange. Condition is as new. Used for a handful of flights, only. No Acro, no SIV. See website for details. I ca...
California, USA
800,00 $
Skywalk ARAK XS 2019Almost new Skywalk ARAK wing in size XS. Max. all up weight 85kg. Purchased new in May 2019, never abused. Color is petrol. Maybe 20h of airtime. See Skywalk website for details. T...
California, USA
2.900,00 $
BGD Dual Like NewSelling my BGD Dual. We usually fly in strong winds and this glider turned out to be a bit big for me, since I only weight 57 kgs. So I fly a Magnum 3 38 now. A bit sad, because I...
1.900,00 €
Nova Prion 3 S- Manufacturer: Nova - Model: Prion 3 - Size: S - Colour: Petrol. Status: AS GOOD AS NEW! Flown a few hours. The paraglider is always well maintained and never had a probl...
United Kingdom
700,00 €
Triple Seven Rook 2Triple Seen Rook2, 2015, Size ML (95-115) color Lilac ~260 hrs. The wing has no damages except a pinched command line as you will see in the photos. I sell it with following acce...
399,00 €
BGD BaseBGD Base 2016, size L (100-120) color Lagoon ~120 hrs. First owner. It is trimmed and has valid check until March 2020. Because of an accident this wing has two replaced panels,...
699,00 €
UP Summit XC4 SM, like new!!For family reasons I hardly got to fly in 2018 and 2019. Only 4 middle distance flights were in it. The total airtime is only 20 hours. No ground handling, no safety training, no...
1.990,00 €
Ozone ALPINA 2 MLOzone Alpina 2 ML Paraglider w/ saucisse bag and ruck sack. Condition is Used. This glider has close to 27 hours on it. Fabric in excellent condition lines excellent....
United Kingdom
650,00 €
Nova_Mentor_4 (1)
Nova Mentor 4FOR SALE: Nova Mentor 4 size: M, production date: April 2015, weight range: 90-110 kg Shipping is extra. High EN B paraglider for XC motivated pilots. Condition: mint – 35 hour...
1.200,00 €
Spectra Tow Line for saleSpectra Tow Line purchased New from Tow Me Up. 5000 feet plus, used ONLY ONCE, REALLY. 650.00 us dollars....
Florida, USA
650,00 $
Ozone GEO 5 8 hrs LgOzone Geo 5 The Geo 5 is a very nice B glider making a good option for a new pilot with room to grow or for the more advanced pilot looking for an extra stable wing. With l...
New Mexico, USA
2.500,00 $
Paragliding Wing with Ozone Oxygen 1 Harness LMojo Pwr XL (Blue/White/Green), Ozone Oxygen 1 Harness (Large). Used for kiting only no flights. All in excellent shape.A fantastic option for beginner pilots... Or any one looking...
Virginia, USA
3,300.00 $
Nova Ion 3 First owner First time in the air 30.11.2016. Reason: Lost weight All flights of wing are here http://xcglobe.com/pilots#pilot/52695/ It can be changed for smaller wing...
999,00 €
2018-09-30 11.37.15
Swing Arcus RS XL Custom Colors 8/2017 nw check- Very safe LTF-B glider with RAST system - 105-135 kg all-up / 32m2 / 5.7kg - Aspect ratio 5,25 (4.0 projected) - min.sink.rate 1.0 / trim speed 38+- 1 / max. Speed 50+-1 - U...
1.800,00 €
s-l1600 (20)
NOVA Ion 4 MI'm selling my Nova Ion 4 Paraglider, M size. This wing is in mint condition and has only been used for ground handling a few times on a grass field....
United Kingdom
1.200,00 €
Advance Lightness 3 and Light Pack 3New Advance Lightness 3 size medium. Comes with Medium harness, Medium standard speed bag, the light pack 3, and no windshield....
Colorado, USA
1.650,00 $
Woody valley front containerCockpit instrument panel with container for ballast or other material, useful for stuffing gloves, water bottle, camera or anything else. In flight it will stay in a nice position...
45,00 €