UP K2 3 Tandem 41 meter NEWWing is crispy! Only flown twice. Like NEW. Have had it for months and don’t use it. Someone may as well have fun with it....
California, USA
3,000.00 €
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GIN Fuse Tandem Startgewicht 110 - 220 kg Selling my tandem wing. Did around 40 short flights with it. It is a great wing for private and pro flying with the usual GIN factory quality! Selling for time reasons. Comes in b...
2.300,00 €
Icaro Pica S (70-95kg) (EN-A) NEWIcaro Pica (EN-A) size S (70-95kg) 24m. Like new, from October 2017. It has only 10 flights. Used for the learning course. I sell it because it's too big for me. Perfect for learni...
1.600,00 €
Flow XC Racer (1)
Flow XC RacerFOR SALE: Flow XC Racer Size: L, 2018, 105-125 kg, Shipping: is extra. Competition, EN D wing in mint condition, with only 10 hours, Location: Portugal [ PT ] Other item...
2.600,00 €
Gin Carrera (1)
Gin Carrera+FOR SALE: Gin Gliders Carrera+ L, 2015, 95-120 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN B/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 80 hours, Colors: Turquoise, Location: Macedonia, The Former Yugosl...
Macedonia (FYROM)
1.200,00 €
Ava Sport TantoFOR SALE: Ava Sport Tanto M, 6-2015, 70-90 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping Harness/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 20 hours, Colors: Black/red/white, Location: Kraljevo - Serbia [ RS...
450,00 €
Skywalk Mescal4Almost new, ready to fly paragliding rig: Skywalk Mescal4 wing, Cult3 harness with reserve, helmet for sale at excellent price.Sell everything as a ready to fly set. Call or better...
Ohio, USA
2.000,00 $
Icaro Instinct TEThe glider is in perfect condition, without damage. I bought the wing in the summer of 2016, but a while that I got pregnant and now I have a baby. For this reason I won't fly dur...
1.600,00 €
Element Water PPGThe wing is in excellent condition, on 40 hours. There is no damage or repairs. It is size L 120 - 150 kg. I sale it because i have two gliders and don't need it....
1.000,00 €
777 Rook 2 (1)
777 Rook 2FOR SALE: 777 Rook 2 MS, 4-2018, 80-100 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN B/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 4 hours, Colors: Gree/red/white, Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina [ BA ] Rea...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
2.000,00 €
BDG CURE size MLBuyed in november 2017, flight just 30 hours, asset from check point cornizzolo, no damage, no siv , no water, sell because i will change category. Price a little negotiable...
2.900,00 €
AirDesign Vita 2 (1)
AirDesign Vita 2FOR SALE: AirDesign Vita 2 L size, for big boys, manufactured on a sunny summer morning of July 2016, and will support 100-125 kg of flight weight. Cool wing for first paramotor...
1.800,00 $
Axis Vega 5 (1)
Axis Vega 5FOR SALE: Axis Vega 5 size: M, manufactured: February 2018, weight range: 80-105 kg Shipping: Plus shipping EN C, fantastic intermediate wing. Condition: Mint - 16 hours,...
2.200,00 €
Nova Ion 2 (1)
Nova Ion 4FOR SALE: Nova Ion 4 L, 2016, 100-130 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN B/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 75 hours, Colors: Blue/yellow/white, Location: Petrovce - Slovenia [ SI ]...
1.500,00 €
nova primax 2008Good, plesure wing for beginners and leisure pilot. In good conditions, with valid check....
300,00 €
UP K2²
Selling UP K2 2Used conditions with new check. A save Tandemwing, When you are interested call me +4367761716883 or write me on e-mail: manuelhacksteiner@gmx.at...
900,00 €
Gin Genie 4 (1)
Gin Genie 4FOR SALE: Gin Genie 4 M, 2014, 70-100 kg, Plus shipping Harness/Solo PG, Condition: Excellent - 30 hours, Colors: Black/yellow, Location: Serbia [ RS ] Reason: Buying a new one...
350,00 €
Harness(es) and tandem reserve (8)
Ava Sport Pilot NG (Tandem harness)FOR SALE: Tandem Pilot Harness Ava Sport Twin NG ...shipping is extra. 30 hours. L size, harness is made to easily fit small and big persons. Specially designed and customize...
350,00 $
Airwave Sport 4 SmallUsed Airwave Sport 4 Small...
California, USA
600,00 $
For Sale Flow XCRacerParapendio nuovo, vendo per errato acquisto taglia. Per me è grande. Ho già preso la taglia M Parapendio nuovo, vendo per dimensioni di acquisto errate. È fantastico per me....
2.600,00 €