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Nova Ion light 25 (M)Last week I bought an mentor 5 Light, so I am now selling my Ion Light. I fly only in my yearly holiday, so the glider has not much airtime...
680,00 €
Syride SYS'EVOLUTIONSeveral major innovations come with the SYS’Evolution. That’s the reason why we’re no more talking about an “alti-vario gps” or “flying instrument” but a flight computer as it doe...
500,00 €
BGD Cure MLBGD Cure wing size ML 2017/03 takeoff weight 90-110kg I started 95-100kg with very good performance. I assess the flight on the 30-hour wing on a very good review made a year ago s...
1.700,00 €
Harnesses Nearbird Genesis 2Typically a xc harness, have two Reserves stocks one under the cockpit the other under the seat, a lot of pocket comfortable with an aerodynamic shape, weight 6kg. Made of very goo...
830,00 €
Phi Tenor XLIs a very nice glider like New. Wrong weight...
1.950,00 €
BDG Punk like new! SmallGreat wing, I bought it for the higher winds here and it flies amazing! I'm transitioning to the mainland where I need an appropriately sized wing. I'm 20kg over the top weight (...
Hawaii, USA
2.500,00 $
Ozone Octane 2 20MIn the tradition of the original Octane, which redefined handling in the paragliding world, The Octane 2 is dedicated to freestyle play and acro flying. For 2013, the Octane FLX mo...
California, USA
2.000,00 $
Ozone Viper 3 22mThe Viper 3 is a totally new design that features several key technological innovations never seen before in the paramotor world including the patented OZONE SharkNose Technology w...
California, USA
2.500,00 $
Ozone Rush 4 XLXL Rush 4 in good condition. Comes with UP Toggle setup....
California, USA
2.000,00 $
Ozone Mojo 4 MediumGently Used Mojo 4 in really good condition...
California, USA
2.350,00 $
Advance Sigma 10 27Turns out I am more of a High B low C kinda pilot. I don't fly enough for this hotter C so I am going to back down to a high B. This wing has less than 30 hours on it. One tow only...
Washinton, USA
2.500,00 $
BGD Dual Tandem BGD Dual Tandem glider. Excellent glider. Fantastic performance in both free flight and powered. This is the paramotor DGAC version. Impeccable take off and landing characteristics...
Wisconsin, USA
2.780,00 $
Reserve CHUTE Practically NewNever deployed. Brand spanking new. Sat in my harness for 25 hours of training/flying. Excellent reserve. It came highly recommended to me by long term pilots. From website - Th...
Massachusetts, USA
450,00 $
Verso PG Harness -Reversible - Low Hours!Super comfortable and convenient harness that turns into a backpack. Practically new. 25 hours. I trained P0 to P2 in this harness and enjoyed the ease of use, and comfort flying i...
Massachusetts, USA
350,00 $
Seeing very well esteemed wing, very careful with The wing is impeccable, I just did my first flight on the beach, all the rest were made in mountain, super well treasured, very careful with the rods, stowed in concertina bag....
1.450,00 €
NEW Blackout Plus 18 from U-TurnBrand new. Wrong size for me....
2.100,00 €
Flymaster live SDFlymaster live sd in mint condition, with screen protector, used only 3 times, selling because it's too much for my needs....
630,00 €
2018 APCO Aviation Karisma2018 APCO Aviation "Karisma" DHV1 (A-glider). Color "Summer" Size S.Refer to APCO website for exact weight ranges when paramotor or free flight. Paramotor risers. Used for about 50...
Wisconsin, USA
2.140,00 $
SWING Nyos RS (M)For sale because of end of gliding activity: Swing Nyos RS, bought on 26th April 2018, only six flight hours. Size M Colour: white / berry (limited edition) After landi...
2.700,00 €
GIN -Boost (L) DHV1 for saleThis wing has hardly been used (max 8-10 hours). But it has been kept in pristine condition, concertina packed in all original bags etc.There are no insect holes or other extraneou...
1.250,00 €