is made by group of enthusiasts who love flying and (apparently) work on web developing. We think that there can be a better service for sorting and filtering paragliding equipment ads then the existing ones. 

It has a goal to become an ultimate global market place for paragliding gear which would replace every existing small (regional) website - it is supposed to be some sort of "paragliding-eBay". 

We created a perfect filter combination for finding just the right gear to suit your needs. You can choose if the wing is new or used, age range, manufacturer, model, wing purpose, item weight range, minimum total take off weight range, maximum total take off weight range, if the wing has a valid check, UV hours and price. We also have advanced filters for paragliding equipment categories other than the wings. provides location of every advertiser displayed on a world map at the central position of our home page. It doesn't mean that you cannot trade locally - just select a continent or a country from which you want ads to be displayed. 

Right now, we are just starting and we need support from every paraglider pilot who has something to offer on sale, or yet has an advert somewhere else. Advertise items for free on, and increase your chances to sell. In an ad, you can place up to 6 images, a video and a link to any web page related to the item. 


We would also appreciate your support via social networks: 


Supporting us is helping paragliding community to unify and develop!