Sup-air Radical 3 Air bag BagReversible airbag/backpack module for Sup'Air Radical 3 mountain harness. DESCRIPTION Integrates with the RADICAL 3 harness with zip system. Complete airbag protection under the...
California, USA
229,00 $
Sup'air CockpitThe Sup'Air Cockpit mounts all your instruments on a laptop console which also has capacity for ballast/stowage. Instruments are attached by self adhesive velcro. Zip close the top...
California, USA
78,00 $
Hook knifeSee pic. Free shipping...
California, USA
15,00 $
AirDesign AirPack Concertina BagI am selling my slightly used AirDesign Concertina Bag, which came together with my glider. I do not have any use for it....
50,00 €
Variometer Sonic FlytecWith nearly 20 years of experience, we guarantee that you will be satisfied when you buy gears from us. We are not only credible experts, we also promise to support you until you g...
New York, USA
170,00 $
s-l1600 (1)
Gin Paraglider Cockpit instrument holderAt first, we assure that when you buy gears from us, you will receive our continuos support until you grow into an experienced pilot! And we also guarantee that you will never com...
New York, USA
125,00 $
Charly quickout
Charly Quick-out CarabinersCharly Quick-out Carabiners (1pair), new!...
99,00 €
Learn to Fly PPGUnited States Powered Paragliding Instruction Classes start every Monday and run the week Monday~ Friday Get your USPPA.org certification - Rent equipment - you do not need to purc...
Florida, USA
1.500,00 €
Tissot Watch
Tissot T-Touch Expert Watch This watch is full of features and ideal for outdoor sports or general use. Renowned Tissot reliability. Functions include: Compass, Barometer, Thermometer, Altimeter, Timer, alarm...
United Kingdom
250,00 £
Sky Excite 3 Speedbag with integrated cockpitSky Excite 3 Speedbag with integrated cockpit in very good condition. Any question, please ask....
85,00 €
Hello Porosimeter - Gravitational Airflow Meter We have produced porosimeter for inspections of paragliders since 2008. We developed our instrument with high wall rubber cover and strong neodymium magnets so we decreased the f...
645,00 €