PLEASE READ THIS: does not inspect or verify any of the gear for sale here or any of the people buying and selling. This is simply a place where buyers and sellers can connect. IT OFFERS NO PROTECTION. 

Scammers of various sorts do come here. For example, a classic scammer trick that is used all over the internet is to steal pictures from someone else’s ad somewhere else and post a nice-looking ad here. You see the ad, you think the pics look nice and you send your money, and suddenly the seller is nowhere to be found and the harness you thought you bought never even existed. It is possible to lose all your money or equipment and be unable to get it back. 

As on eBay and elsewhere, scammers often offer goods for prices 25% below what anyone would consider fair. The temptation works - we all want a deal that good - and people get caught. If it seems like too good a deal to be true, it probably is. 

A buyer can be a scammer too. They might ask you to send them the gear so they can look at it, promising to either send it back or pay you. Then they might disappear with it, or pay you a smaller amount than you thought was agreed. 

You must protect yourself. One good way to do this is to have a a third party you trust who can inspect the equipment for the buyer and collect the money for the seller. This could be a manufacturer’s rep or dealer who is located near the selling party, or someone who happens to know both of you. If you can't locate such a person or company, you might be well advised not to do the transaction. 

We encourage you to check user's presence on long-standing paragliding websites like,, or some other website (probably from the user's country). Someone with a longstanding presence on these websites is unlikely to be a scammer. They may still have a different idea than you of what “good condition” means. We encourage you to exchange detailed pictures. Agree in advance about whether the buyer can return the item and if so under what terms. Who will pay for shipping? To save possible arguments and costs later, make all the terms of the deal clear and only move forward when you have explicit agreement to them. 

Many people are trustworthy but we can not guarantee for any of them. Look out for yourself, or sell somewhere else. 


Advice for BUYERS 

Many people have been ripped off when buying paragliding equipment through the internet. They've sent money for goods which have never arrived, or that turn out to be different from described. Make sure this doesn't happen to you. You can lose all your money and it can be impossible to get it back. Escrow is a good idea or asking someone to check out the contact personally. 

Always inspect before buying. If you cannot do this (for example if the wing is in a different country) then arrange for someone you trust to inspect it for you. 

Keep an eye out for bargains but make sure you're not buying a death trap! Some old, cheap gliders are good for beginners, others are lethal even for experienced pilots and should be thrown in the bin. If you are in any doubt then ask someone on or somewhere else, there are many pilots who will happily help you with your decision. 

Exclamation: Please also check and consider transaction costs. Some payment services like Paypal have high fees for international money transfers. Better clarify before who is bearing the costs.