Selling Nova Ion 3 in Size M (EN-B, Nova Ion 3 in size M (90 - 110 kg) for sale! First flight: April 2016 Airtime: ca. 50 h State: as new (according to check from Nova from July 2018) Since the check, the win...
990,00 €
Icaro Pica LSelling this ICARO PICA L EN-A in size large (manufactured in 2017). It has done 20 hours on dry grassy hills with no SIV, sand, damage or repairs. In lovely condition with exce...
United Kingdom
780,00 €
Ozone Roadster3Little use. Three flights. No longer need. Ended up with smaller size. Excellent shape, no issues whatsoever. 26m with bags....
Virginia, USA
2.500,00 $
Swing Arcus 7.30 2012 new check very good conditioFor sale: Swing Arcus 7.30 (XL) = EN A/B - From 2012 - recently had his official check (very good condition; see pictures) - Weightclass: 105-130 all-up - very safe wing sui...
600,00 €
Sky Apollo |74-94kg| New Check very good conditionDeutsch weiter unten: Super handling, awesome performance and one of the more well-tempered to fly High-Bs. But I reached the lower limit of the weight range, so I need a smaller...
1.299,00 €
Woody Valley GTO X-AlpsWoody Valley GTO X-Alps GTO X-Alps MEDIUM, 9-2014, 80-120 harness weight: 5,5kg; with Frontbag and FrontContainer; It is a ICARO Energie XC the same design as Woody Valley GTO...
490,00 €
Skywalk Mescal 5 XS (EN-A) 55-77kg, New Check2017 Skywalk Mescal in almost new condition, less than 10 hours air time. Last used in June 2018. Material is almost new, crinkly, and never been repaired - no holes or patches. Ve...
1.600,00 €
Sol Atmus beginner packageComplete beginner package, barely used. Sol Atmus One wing (size M), Sol Spring 2 harness (size L), Sol reserve, and Sol backpack. Purchased as a package from AdventureToyStore in...
New York, USA
2.500,00 $
Rise L 28m2 AIR DesignI'm selling my wing in perfect flying conditions. I have switched to mini wings and my new ultralite4 (ozone) as I have become a father myself and I can only fly carrying a tiny ba...
990,00 €
OZONE Ultralite 4 Size 25Ozone Ultralite 4 light weight paraglider. Like new, no damage, in perfect condition, Description: Size: 25 Colour: Blue Number of cells: 34 Projected area (m2) 22.1 P...
United Kingdom
850,00 €
BGD Dual TANDEMBGD Tandem Dual. Awesome performance. Landings are a breeze. Nice and dynamic feeling. Great for both free flight and paramotor tandems. Zero negative comments whatsoever. Include...
Wisconsin, USA
2.820,00 $
Ozone Buzz Z6Mint condition, selling for a client that is leaving the sport. Blue and Green colors....
California, USA
3.000,00 $
paragliding Yamaska
Ozone Mojo 5L, Reserve, Harness, Bags, EquipmentComplete setup, top-quality gear in near-mint condition, ready to fly. Flawless. Less than 20 minutes flight time. No bad landings or reserve use. A couple of hours kiting time. I'...
Vermont, USA
3.700,00 $
IMG_2834 (1)
UP Trango X-Race (SM)The Trango X-Race is tailored for the Red Bull X-Alps, but no less relevant for just about anyone keen to fly a high-performance wing, be it Sports Class competition or XC hounds,...
California, USA
2.900,00 $
Angel 110 ReserveThe Angel 110 reserve in great condition, never used....
California, USA
600,00 $
Ozone Exoceat NEW smallBrand New. Just ordered and received 3 weeks ago, flown 3 times. Ordered in error but didn't realize it till it was to late. Harness is in perfect original new condition and includ...
New Mexico, USA
1.425,00 $
Screenshot 2019-07-03 16.36.30
Nova Ion light 25 (M)Last week I bought an mentor 5 Light, so I am now selling my Ion Light. I fly only in my yearly holiday, so the glider has not much airtime...
680,00 €
Syride SYS'EVOLUTIONSeveral major innovations come with the SYS’Evolution. That’s the reason why we’re no more talking about an “alti-vario gps” or “flying instrument” but a flight computer as it doe...
500,00 €
BGD Cure MLBGD Cure wing size ML 2017/03 takeoff weight 90-110kg I started 95-100kg with very good performance. I assess the flight on the 30-hour wing on a very good review made a year ago s...
1.700,00 €
Harnesses Nearbird Genesis 2Typically a xc harness, have two Reserves stocks one under the cockpit the other under the seat, a lot of pocket comfortable with an aerodynamic shape, weight 6kg. Made of very goo...
830,00 €