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Swing Spitfire 2 11 meterUsed one month in Chamonix on snow. Still crispy. I just don't use it enough and my Mirage is filling the bill........
Washinton, USA
1.000,00 $
Advance Sigma 10 27Turns out I am more of a High B low C kinda pilot. I don't fly enough for this hotter C so I am going to back down to a high B. This wing has less than 30 hours on it. One tow only...
Washinton, USA
2.500,00 $
Gin Yeti Light 40The medium size weighs only 1.5 kg, yet it offers a surface area of 35 m2 and a certified sink rate of 5 m/sec., at a maximum weight in flight of 100 kg. We all know how a large...
Washinton, USA
650,00 $
Advance Progress 2Yellow. The PROGRESS 2 is the first reversible harness without compromises. It is extremely light (3.2 kg, S size) and has both built-in reserve system and certified airbag. The pe...
Washinton, USA
700,00 $
Forza Pod Brand NewForza Ozone Neoprene Pod Harness in Green. Still in the box, never used! Was $1,400 brand new....
Washinton, USA
750,00 $
Gradient Aspen 3 - 22Just got a new set up, then started having kids, so only took a couple flights on holiday in 2011, wing has been sitting ever since. I also have a Woody Valley Voyager Plus Harness...
Washinton, USA
500,00 $