Apco Play (1)
Apco Play UL 42FOR SALE: Apco Play UL 42, 5-2013, 100-360 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN B/Powered PG, Condition: Very Good - 48 hours, Colors: Blue/black/grey, Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
1.700,00 €
Paragliding setI bought the following thinking I'd get into paragliding, but never made it passed kiting. Was only taken out kiting a half dozen times, closest thing to new out there: Ozone mojo...
New York, USA
3.500,00 $
Skywalk Poison X-AlpsFOR SALE: Skywalk Poison X-Alps S, 2017, 85-105 kg, Price: 1950 EUR, Shipping: + shipping EN D/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 25 hours, Colors: Orange, Location: Slovenia [ SI ] Re...
1.950,00 €
Nova Mentor 2 MVery good wing i want to sell it so i get a wing from another category (EN-C)...The wing was also nicely packed always in concertina. No groundhandling, no water. I will post imag...
800,00 €
IOTA 28, Lime-hi end B with great perfomance, semilight, perfect for XC, easy to handle. -11/2015 -advance warranty until 2.2019 (Prod.reg on 19.2.1016) -in good condition -119h flight time...
800,00 €
blackout plus
U-TURN BlackOut+ 21mNewish, only 1hour flown glider. Excelent condition. Concertina U-TURN included Ask me for more photos. http://xcmag.com/news/u-turn-blackout-acro-wing-2/...
Czech Republic
1.690,00 €
Small Sol Ellus 4 paraglider Hey . My name is Sabrina and I'm selling a 2012 sol Ellus 4 paraglider. It's a size small. It comes with size small gin 3 harness. Brand new reserve.. Never been deployed. Size sm...
Utah, USA
3.000,00 €
Gin Explorer (L)Explorer The Explorer is a lightweight sports performance wing aimed at seasoned XC pilots who want to fly a wing that’s comfortable, responsive and performance. I have loved it...
New Zealand
2.500,00 €
Swing Nexus 2 (1)
Swing NexusFOR SALE: Swing Nexus L, 6-2015, 102-125 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Mint - 33 hours, Colors: Blue/white, Location: Romania [ RO ] Reason: Need money f...
1.700,00 €
1.300,00 €
Ozone Delta-3, XS (58-70 kg), 07.2017, 2000USDNever been in the water, never been towed. Well cared for glider. Comes with the backpack, inner bag, repair kit and manual. Shipping at buyer's cost....
Tennessee, USA
2.000,00 $
2013 Gin Atlas SThis Atlas has about 180 hours on it and is a joy to fly. There are some small thorn holes in one area that were patched by Gin (see photos). The paraglider has excellent handling...
Oregon, USA
1.500,00 $
NEW ! Ozone Delta -3 L Custom coloursNEW ! Ozone Delta-3 L 2018 (95-115 kg) Custom colors. The reason for selling is the wrong size.I have 10 kg overweight. All what was in box when delivered from factory: 135 L B...
2.800,00 €
Advance Epsilon 7
Advance Epsilon 7 26Advance Epsilon 7 26 paragliding wing. White, blue and olive colour, very low air time, superb condition...
United Kingdom
600,00 €
GIN Bolero + GIN Verso Reversible Harness + ReservGIN Bolero III is in very good condition. There is one small 3cm in diameter repair. The wing is an amazing beginner and intermediate level wing. GIN Verso Reservable Harness -...
1.600,00 €
Colorado, USA
2.700,00 $
EXOS LBest business!!! just 10h like new fast, safety, funny, easy...
1.900,00 €
Niviuk peak 4
Niviuk Peak 4For Sale: Niviuk Peak 4 END paraglider size 23. This wing is in immaculate condition, 25 hours of flying XC only Perfect condition. No patches, never seen sand or beach soaring...
United Kingdom
850,00 €
Advance Sigma 9 (1)
Advance Sigma 9FOR SALE: Advance Sigma 9 29, 6-2014, 105-130 kg, Shipping: Plus shipping EN C/Solo PG, Condition: Very Good - 100 hours, Colors: Orange, Location: Tuzla - Bosnia and Herzegovina...
Bosnia and Herzegovina
1.050,00 €
Advance Iota 23Advance Iota 23 Art-Nr. 246 Size 23 Range 60 -85 Year 2015 Ranking Cloth **** Ranking Lines **** Ranking Riser **** Ranking General **** Color lime...
1.900,00 €