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1.250,00 €
Selling Nova Ion 3 in Size M (EN-B, Nova Ion 3 in size M (90 - 110 kg) for sale! First flight: April 2016 Airtime: ca. 50 h State: as new (according to check from Nova from July 2018) Since the check, the win...
990,00 €
Ozone Roadster3Little use. Three flights. No longer need. Ended up with smaller size. Excellent shape, no issues whatsoever. 26m with bags....
Virginia, USA
2.500,00 $
Swing Arcus 7.30 2012 new check very good conditioFor sale: Swing Arcus 7.30 (XL) = EN A/B - From 2012 - recently had his official check (very good condition; see pictures) - Weightclass: 105-130 all-up - very safe wing sui...
600,00 €
Skywalk Mescal 5 XS (EN-A) 55-77kg, New Check2017 Skywalk Mescal in almost new condition, less than 10 hours air time. Last used in June 2018. Material is almost new, crinkly, and never been repaired - no holes or patches. Ve...
1.600,00 €
Sol Atmus beginner packageComplete beginner package, barely used. Sol Atmus One wing (size M), Sol Spring 2 harness (size L), Sol reserve, and Sol backpack. Purchased as a package from AdventureToyStore in...
New York, USA
2.500,00 $
Rise L 28m2 AIR DesignI'm selling my wing in perfect flying conditions. I have switched to mini wings and my new ultralite4 (ozone) as I have become a father myself and I can only fly carrying a tiny ba...
990,00 €
BGD Dual TANDEMBGD Tandem Dual. Awesome performance. Landings are a breeze. Nice and dynamic feeling. Great for both free flight and paramotor tandems. Zero negative comments whatsoever. Include...
Wisconsin, USA
2.820,00 $
paragliding Yamaska
Ozone Mojo 5L, Reserve, Harness, Bags, EquipmentComplete setup, top-quality gear in near-mint condition, ready to fly. Flawless. Less than 20 minutes flight time. No bad landings or reserve use. A couple of hours kiting time. I'...
Vermont, USA
3.700,00 $
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UP Trango X-Race (SM)The Trango X-Race is tailored for the Red Bull X-Alps, but no less relevant for just about anyone keen to fly a high-performance wing, be it Sports Class competition or XC hounds,...
California, USA
2.900,00 $
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Nova Ion light 25 (M)Last week I bought an mentor 5 Light, so I am now selling my Ion Light. I fly only in my yearly holiday, so the glider has not much airtime...
680,00 €
BGD Cure MLBGD Cure wing size ML 2017/03 takeoff weight 90-110kg I started 95-100kg with very good performance. I assess the flight on the 30-hour wing on a very good review made a year ago s...
1.700,00 €
Phi Tenor XLIs a very nice glider like New. Wrong weight...
1.950,00 €
BDG Punk like new! SmallGreat wing, I bought it for the higher winds here and it flies amazing! I'm transitioning to the mainland where I need an appropriately sized wing. I'm 20kg over the top weight (...
Hawaii, USA
2.500,00 $
Ozone Octane 2 20MIn the tradition of the original Octane, which redefined handling in the paragliding world, The Octane 2 is dedicated to freestyle play and acro flying. For 2013, the Octane FLX mo...
California, USA
2.000,00 $
Ozone Viper 3 22mThe Viper 3 is a totally new design that features several key technological innovations never seen before in the paramotor world including the patented OZONE SharkNose Technology w...
California, USA
2.500,00 $
Ozone Rush 4 XLXL Rush 4 in good condition. Comes with UP Toggle setup....
California, USA
2.000,00 $
Ozone Mojo 4 MediumGently Used Mojo 4 in really good condition...
California, USA
2.350,00 $
BGD Dual Tandem BGD Dual Tandem glider. Excellent glider. Fantastic performance in both free flight and powered. This is the paramotor DGAC version. Impeccable take off and landing characteristics...
Wisconsin, USA
2.780,00 $
Seeing very well esteemed wing, very careful with The wing is impeccable, I just did my first flight on the beach, all the rest were made in mountain, super well treasured, very careful with the rods, stowed in concertina bag....
1.450,00 €