Ozone GEO 5 8 hrs LgOzone Geo 5 The Geo 5 is a very nice B glider making a good option for a new pilot with room to grow or for the more advanced pilot looking for an extra stable wing. With l...
New Mexico, USA
2.500,00 $
Paragliding Wing with Ozone Oxygen 1 Harness LMojo Pwr XL (Blue/White/Green), Ozone Oxygen 1 Harness (Large). Used for kiting only no flights. All in excellent shape.A fantastic option for beginner pilots... Or any one looking...
Virginia, USA
2.700,00 $
Nova Ion 3 First owner First time in the air 30.11.2016. Reason: Lost weight All flights of wing are here It can be changed for smaller wing...
999,00 €
2018-09-30 11.37.15
Swing Arcus RS XL Custom Colors 8/2017 nw check- Very safe LTF-B glider with RAST system - 105-135 kg all-up / 32m2 / 5.7kg - Aspect ratio 5,25 (4.0 projected) - min.sink.rate 1.0 / trim speed 38+- 1 / max. Speed 50+-1 - U...
1.400,00 €
EXOS skyparagliders 75/95I sell for a short time to fly. I sell to go back to a sail B. Exchange with Ruh4 with a few hours of flight. I never did SIV. I never flew on the sand. I never went to a plant....
1.350,00 €
WhatsApp Image 2019-08-06 at 19.40.22
1.250,00 €
Selling Nova Ion 3 in Size M (EN-B, Nova Ion 3 in size M (90 - 110 kg) for sale! First flight: April 2016 Airtime: ca. 50 h State: as new (according to check from Nova from July 2018) Since the check, the win...
990,00 €
Ozone Roadster3Little use. Three flights. No longer need. Ended up with smaller size. Excellent shape, no issues whatsoever. 26m with bags....
Virginia, USA
2.500,00 $
Skywalk Mescal 5 XS (EN-A) 55-77kg, New Check2017 Skywalk Mescal in almost new condition, less than 10 hours air time. Last used in June 2018. Material is almost new, crinkly, and never been repaired - no holes or patches. Ve...
1.600,00 €
Sol Atmus beginner packageComplete beginner package, barely used. Sol Atmus One wing (size M), Sol Spring 2 harness (size L), Sol reserve, and Sol backpack. Purchased as a package from AdventureToyStore in...
New York, USA
2.500,00 $
Rise L 28m2 AIR DesignI'm selling my wing in perfect flying conditions. I have switched to mini wings and my new ultralite4 (ozone) as I have become a father myself and I can only fly carrying a tiny ba...
990,00 €
BGD Dual TANDEMBGD Tandem Dual. Awesome performance. Landings are a breeze. Nice and dynamic feeling. Great for both free flight and paramotor tandems. Zero negative comments whatsoever. Include...
Wisconsin, USA
2.820,00 $
paragliding Yamaska
Ozone Mojo 5L, Reserve, Harness, Bags, EquipmentComplete setup, top-quality gear in near-mint condition, ready to fly. Flawless. Less than 20 minutes flight time. No bad landings or reserve use. A couple of hours kiting time. I'...
Vermont, USA
3.700,00 $
IMG_2834 (1)
UP Trango X-Race (SM)The Trango X-Race is tailored for the Red Bull X-Alps, but no less relevant for just about anyone keen to fly a high-performance wing, be it Sports Class competition or XC hounds,...
California, USA
2.900,00 $
Screenshot 2019-07-03 16.36.30
Nova Ion light 25 (M)Last week I bought an mentor 5 Light, so I am now selling my Ion Light. I fly only in my yearly holiday, so the glider has not much airtime...
680,00 €
BGD Cure MLBGD Cure wing size ML 2017/03 takeoff weight 90-110kg I started 95-100kg with very good performance. I assess the flight on the 30-hour wing on a very good review made a year ago s...
1.700,00 €
Phi Tenor XLIs a very nice glider like New. Wrong weight...
1.950,00 €
BDG Punk like new! SmallGreat wing, I bought it for the higher winds here and it flies amazing! I'm transitioning to the mainland where I need an appropriately sized wing. I'm 20kg over the top weight (...
Hawaii, USA
2.500,00 $
Ozone Octane 2 20MIn the tradition of the original Octane, which redefined handling in the paragliding world, The Octane 2 is dedicated to freestyle play and acro flying. For 2013, the Octane FLX mo...
California, USA
2.000,00 $
Ozone Viper 3 22mThe Viper 3 is a totally new design that features several key technological innovations never seen before in the paramotor world including the patented OZONE SharkNose Technology w...
California, USA
2.500,00 $